Body Meditation: How It Works

Body Meditation

Body meditation is a type of meditation that may be considered different from the conventional meditation techniques that we have known of and used for quite some time now. Indeed, what makes it different is the way we meditate, which we will explain further here as we move along.

You see in conventional meditation techniques, we let our minds focus on a single object throughout the exercise, like a lighted candle for instance, until eventually your mind becomes relaxed mentally. In body meditation, however, our focus changes to every part of your body as this exercise progresses. This in turn would allow each part of our body to relax in the process.

But how does one begin doing a body meditation? As with any meditation exercise, it all begins by placing yourself in a position you are most comfortable with. You can do it sitting down or laying down somewhere, as long as you do it in a quiet place, without any disturbances or distractions around you.

The next step would be take slow, deep breaths; we let our eyes close on their own as we do our breathing. We then focus on the scalp and let it relax completely. Don’t mind any itchiness you may feel on your scalp, let your meditation take it all away.

We move downwards now to the forehead. Let the furrows in the brow smooth themselves out in your mind. We then let our eyes relax, followed by the ears, nose, and then the mouth. These parts of our body are some of the most used body parts in our day-to-day activities, so it’s important to free them from stress experienced in our daily lives. Always remember that as we move from one body part to another, we must keep that part of our body relaxed throughout the whole exercise, even if it’s tempted not to do so.

We then move to the neck and then down to the shoulders, letting them drop a little bit to make them feel less rigid and help them relax. We now proceed to the arms; you have the option to either work on each arm or both of them at once to relax, depending on what works best for you.

From the shoulders, we move down to the hands and fingers and let them totally relax. Then working the way down the trunk of the body, we proceed to relax our lungs, chest, stomach and the abdominal area. With the top half of the body relaxed by now, we continue our way down towards the legs (working on each leg or both) then to the feet and toes. Keep your body relaxed for a few minutes; allow your eyes to open by themselves to end the exercise.

Always remember to check on the base of your spine that you feel no pressure in that area. Try not to fall asleep, this is common during relaxation exercises where we’re in the lying position. That’s why the traditional (lotus) meditative posture is often recommended with other types of mediation; it keeps us alert.

Another thing you need to know, especially if you’re doing body meditation for the first time, is that you may feel other parts of your body “un-relax” by themselves which is normal. All you have to do is to bring your focus back to that affected body part to let it relax again.


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