Effects of Meditation on the Mind

Effects of Meditation

Many people today are experiencing bouts of anxiety and depression due to all the pressure this fast paced world is putting on us. This happens because people lack the time to devote themselves to proper relaxation and self-renewal. In turn, it adversely affects their physical, mental and spiritual well-being. Meditation is one effective way to calm and refresh our bodies. Aside from that, the positive effects of meditation on the mind are widely accepted by many therapists in the Western world nowadays.

Deep relaxation is the foremost effect of meditation to our bodies. While engaging into different meditation techniques, you are able to free your mind from the stress of the world. You are able to let out all negative thoughts from your body and replace them instead with positive energy. Deep relaxation is far different from what we derive from simply lounging in front of our TV sets. It is even deeper than what we get from sleep. They say that deep relaxation boosts alpha waves intensity in our body and thus reducing the level of lactic acid in the blood. High level of lactic acid causes anxiety and once it is reduced, we become a little less anxious as well. It then becomes a good way of de-stressing ourselves after a long day’s work.

The effects of meditation on the mind doesn’t just bring us to a state where we can relax and feel good about ourselves. This new calmness we can derive from meditation also relieves us from anger and agitation. In turn, it does not only affect us mentally, but also physically. The more agitated we are, the more our blood pressure increases. Meditation, then, helps reduce our tendency to get heart ailments. It regulates our blood circulation by increasing tranquility and removing all types of anxiety and anger.

In the end, an overall sense of well-being can be achieved from regular practice of meditation. All the physical effects of stress in our bodies shall be relieved accordingly. The effects of meditation on the mind will have a domino effect on our physical fitness. Insomnia, chronic headache and migraine, irritable bowel sydrome and upset stomach, dysmenorrhea, and other ailments caused by fatigue and depression will all become nothing but things of the past.

Meditation also encourages a healthy lifestyle. A regular dose of meditation shall alleviate our dependence on medication, alcohol and smoking. If we are undergoing treatments for any injury or illness, meditation aids us in dealing with the pain. Again, what meditation does is calm the mind. The less agitated our minds are, the more we can tolerate any pain. The body will then react positively towards healing.

Aside from benefiting directly, the effects of meditation on the mind benefit from the feeling that we get from progressing in this healthy lifestyle. Experts say that meditation makes us look and feel younger. Studies show that any form of meditation reduces the level of lipid peroxide in the body which contributes to old-age diseases such as atherosclerosis. It then brings about a healthy glow on our faces by bringing peace and tranquility.

Where most of these practices originated, meditation was not just a method for revitilization. It is a significant cultural and spiritual practice that contributes to a person’s well-being. The self-knowledge and wisdom derived from the practice of meditation also provides us with a higher sense of self. Having said that, the effects of meditation on the mind is brought to a much higher level of self-awareness.


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