Energy Meditation

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Energy Meditation

Energy meditation is fast becoming a popular form of meditation available to those who are constantly looking after their spiritual and mental well-being.

But what exactly is energy meditation all about? This form of meditation is founded on the belief that everything in this world is made up of energy, most especially in our body, mind, and soul. Such being the case, it is important for us to channel this energy to everyone and to the world around us, freeing our mind and soul in the process of the burden brought about by inner conflicts and issues. At the same time, we become more aware and understanding of our own selves as well as of the things around us.

In addition, there are physical benefits that we get as well from doing these types of meditation. You will notice your stress levels become lower as you will experience lower instances of heart attacks and high blood pressure.

Now that we know what it’s about and it can do for us, the next is learning it. But before we begin doing this meditation, we must first let ourselves feel compassion and love to every being and to the world around us as well. This has to be shown in a sincere manner. Also, find a way to say things that would give joy or encouragement to everyone around us and express thanks to God for everything we have right now.

We then let our minds be filled with positive thoughts, thoughts that would make you feel relaxed and at ease. We continue doing so until the mind is fully at rest. Once it is rested, we then shift our attention to the world around us.

Imagine all the things around as forms of energy: the people we meet, the animals or objects around us, even physical structures like buildings and monuments. Now imagine the energy of these living and non-living objects coming together to create an energy field around you, waiting for you to absorb it. The energy field is now established, so we now begin working on the inside now coming from the outside.

Here we focus on our body meditation. Let us picture our whole body also as energy, even our internal organs like the stomach, heart, lungs as well as every bone and muscle found in our body. We now begin to create in our minds a perfect balance between the self and the outside world, working in harmony to achieve that spiritual well-being. This would be done through deep meditation which should last for about 20 or 30 minutes. Afterward, we then let our mind and the world around us revert back to their physical form before we stop our meditation exercise.

Whether you do it on your own or with the guidance of a meditation guru, energy meditation is a form of meditation that anyone can practice. So if you would like let your mind as well as your soul free, this definitely a form of meditation you should consider.